Veritas National Landing

New Campus!

We are very excited to announce that while we have been working for the past year on relocating Veritas to a larger facility, able to accommodate more students and staff on our new 22 acre campus in Vienna, we have been also pursuing the opening of a campus closer to Washington D.C.  As such, over the past year, we have been in negotiations for the acquisition of the historic Mount Vernon Baptist Church campus, located at 935 23rd St. S., Arlington, VA.  I am proud to announce that Veritas National Landing will officially open this fall.  Serving the communities of Arlington, Alexandria, and Washington D.C., Veritas Crystal City will offer a different campus approach, with more of a unique eclectic city feel.  


Location, location, location! 

Benefitting from its amazing location as one of the closest private schools to our nation’s Capital, and within a 20 minute walk to HQ2:  The Helix and new AMAZON Headquarters in National Landing, as well as its proximity to The National Mall, Smithsonian Museums, and Capitol Hill, Veritas National Landing will afford numerous opportunities for our students to connect with the surrounding communities and utilize them as part of our academy’s educational system.  This will include, of course,  field trips for our grammar students, as well as the utilization of the educational departments present in many of the museums and federal buildings.  We envision weekly visits for our Thesis students to research at the Library of Congress, our AP Government and History classes making frequent visits to D.C., including viewing oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court, our Fine Arts, Music, and Dance students utilizing The Kennedy Center campus of theaters and other artistic spaces and educational resources, as well as Omnibus visits to the world’s greatest museums, buildings, and monuments. The location will afford our students the unique ability to network with various corporations and universities located in the District, to perform not only community service, but also enroll and participate in internships. 



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National Landing Campus
935 23rd St. S., Arlington, VA.