Academy Life

Life at a Classical Christian School

Our campus is full of energy and life.  Students explore the world with field trips that directly support their studies, whether it is science, history or fine arts.  The faculty at Veritas provides spiritual mentoring to the students, further developing their relationships among the student body and deepening their faith.

Opportunities to Grow

Veritas students are curious students. Therefore, we offer opportunities for students to further develop their interests by offering extracurricular activities such as drama, robotics, and student government. School traditions such as the Colonial Ball and Talent Show allow students to learn about cultured life and strengthen relationships with each other.

adventure | Veritas Collegiate Academy

Travel & Adventure

At Veritas, students are offered leadership opportunities, both on campus and abroad.  Upper school students attend an annual retreat where they practice team-building skills, challenge their comfort levels and deepen their faith. Juniors and seniors can tour Europe to present their thesis papers to an alternate point of view, and they serve in local communities. Our students are also offered opportunities to visit our Beijing campus and experience China.


athletics-program | Veritas Collegiate Academy


Athletics provides the platform to develop and instill the attributes of integrity, discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork and a work ethic that is contagious; ultimately preparing students for their roles as future leaders.

arts-program | Veritas Collegiate Academy


We desire to inspire students to explore and use their gifts of creativity by offering fine arts, art history, drama productions, dance, choral and instrumental music opportunities.

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