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Giving Students a Global Education

Veritas prides itself on opening its doors and hearts to students around the globe.  From the grammar school through the rhetoric school, students interact with those from other nations and receive a broader cultural education.  Our upper school delivers a high quality education that prepares students for leading universities.


What Makes Veritas Different?

Veritas’ Christ-centered classical education model has flourished in Western culture for centuries and embraces the study of literature, language, science, mathematics, philosophy, history, and the arts. With an added emphasis on leadership, students emerge from our school ready to become leaders in their communities.


Congratulations to the 2023 Veritas Valedictorian & Salutatorian

Samuel Lee

Samuel Lee, Valedictorian

Samuel Lee, the class of 2023’s Valedictorian, is the eldest son of Joseph Lee and Hyun Lee. During his time at Veritas, spanning 3 years,  Sam has been an innovative trailblazer, who values mental and holistic growth. Sam aims to perfect all aspects of himself through the refining fires of physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, and social challenge. This fall, Sam will attend The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg Va., double majoring in Biochemistry and philosophy.


Haiqi "Romee" Wang, Salutatorian

Haiqi "Romee" Wang is the daughter of Yong Li and Tianxue Wang. This year’s Salutatorian, Romee has attended Veritas since 11th grade. She has contributed to social services by leading 40+ students to hold charity sales for the Cerebral Palsy Children Rehabilitation Center in Beijing for the past three years. Additionally, Romee participated in building a hope school in Henan Province through the Beijing Youth Development Fund. In 11th grade, Romee started an economics club at Veritas and chaired the event as President. Additionally, she has researched and published a paper on science, technology,  and finance under the leadership of Professor Qiming Wei of Johns Hopkins University. In the fall, Romee will be moving to California to attend the University of California at Davis, where she will study economics.

Give Your Child a Classical Christian Education

Veritas cultivates vibrant, well trained minds prepared for higher education and lifelong learning for the glory of God.
grammar school | Veritas Collegiate Academy

Elementary aged students are eager to learn and absorb information, so we deliver curriculum in ways that lay the foundation for advanced study.

logic | Veritas Collegiate Academy
LOGIC (7 - 8)

As students begin to analyze the world around them and question "why", we teach them formal logic and the correct methods of reasonaing.

rhetoric | Veritas Collegiate Academy
RHETORIC (9 - 12)

The culmination of the process of learning brings knowledge and understanding together to be expressed wisely and persuasively.

faculty and staff | Veritas Collegiate Academy

Meet The Faculty

At Veritas Collegiate Academy, we enjoy a diverse faculty, many of whom have advanced degrees in their field of study and many years of educational experience. Most importantily, every member of the Veritas faculty professes their faith in Jesus Christ and desires to care for our students both academically and spiritually.


Veritas Students Attend Elite Colleges!

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