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Giving Students a Global Education

Veritas prides itself on opening its doors and hearts to students around the globe.  From the grammar school through the rhetoric school, students interact with those from other nations and receive a broader cultural education.  Our upper school delivers a high quality education that prepares students for leading universities.


What Makes Veritas Different?

Veritas’ Christ-centered classical education model has flourished in Western culture for centuries and embraces the study of literature, language, science, mathematics, philosophy, history, and the arts. With an added emphasis on leadership, students emerge from our school ready to become leaders in their communities.


Veritas Class of 2024 Graduation Announcements


Ruoning “Rene” Li, Valedictorian

The eldest child of Ying Liu and Yi Li, Rene has attended VCA since seventh grade. Rene’s academic journey witnessed varied excursions, from investigating the DNA replication mechanism to analyzing One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in English Literature and Composition. In the end, her interests gravitated toward journalism and international relations. Rene’s pursuit of truth manifested in undertaking efforts to preserve diminishing Chinese culture, this pursuit led to the production of two documentary films. Additionally, she augmented the marginalized voices of Ukrainian refugees via written works while visiting and community serving in Warsaw, Poland. Leadership positions abounded during her VCA career, among these being President/Editor-in-Chief of the Veritas Times, leader of the Veritas Interview Club, and captain of the tennis club. Rene has been accepted to many prestigious universities, including The College of William & Mary, The University of Southern California, and others. Without question, Rene will continue to lead as she moves on to Georgetown University in the fall.


Ruoyun “Rosa” Zhao, Salutatorian

Rosa has always had a dream to contribute to the world. Either by direct action or background preparation, she has made a definitive impact on many disparate groups both inside and outside VCA. Since the ninth grade, Rosa has been a stalwart of VCA service ventures. She founded and/or led various community programs such as the Moat Protection Program and Palliative Care Accompany Program. Indeed, her commitment to service manifested itself in the establishment of her own NGO during her tenth grade year. This organization, PSG Alliance, focuses on the promotion of environmentally sustainable goals worldwide. During her VCA tenure, Rosa has served as President of the Community Service program. She is incredibly grateful to her parents, grandparents, and VCA faculty/staff, both in Beijing and Arlington, who have afforded her this great opportunity. Rosa will be equally impactful as she heads west from DC to the University of California - Irvine to continue her academic career this fall. Rosa’s exemplary effort throughout her VCA years has resulted in earning the distinction as the Class of 2024’s Salutatorian.

ben carson

Ben Carson, Commencement Speaker

Dr. Ben Carson is a distinguished neurosurgeon, best-selling author, former Presidential Candidate, and most recently, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (2017-2021). Throughout his career, Dr. Carson has exemplified excellence, compassion, and dedication in his work, becoming a role model for many aspiring individuals around the world. Dr. Carson is also the Founder and Chairman of the American Cornerstone Institute, a new think tank/do tank whose mission is to promote the four founding principles which are cornerstones of our country: faith, liberty, community, and life as well as pursue common sense solutions that challenge conventional groupthink. His commitment to serving others and his contributions to the medical field and public service reflect the values we hold dear at Veritas Collegiate Academy. 

Liding “Jason” Zhang

Liding “Jason” Zhang,

Student Body Chairman

Jason’s VCA journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. He has attended Veritas since the 9th Grade. The outset of his ninth grade year witnessed his ability to get involved as he immersed himself in student government; this forged his leadership, communication, and organizational skills. Jason’s “sanctuary” has been music. Indeed, his steady, consistent hands as the school band’s percussionist have helped bring joy and grace to our Thursday morning Chapel program. His penchant for fostering intellectual inquiry and charitable works manifested in the founding or establishment of many student organizations (Debate, Reading, Lions Club, et al.). Jason acknowledges and is grateful for the immense impact VCA has had on his academic and intellectual sojourn. He will carry his prodigious intellect, sense of caring for others, and leadership to Johns Hopkins University this fall.

Give Your Child a Classical Christian Education

Veritas cultivates vibrant, well trained minds prepared for higher education and lifelong learning for the glory of God.
grammar school | Veritas Collegiate Academy

Elementary aged students are eager to learn and absorb information, so we deliver curriculum in ways that lay the foundation for advanced study.

logic | Veritas Collegiate Academy
LOGIC (7 - 8)

As students begin to analyze the world around them and question "why", we teach them formal logic and the correct methods of reasonaing.

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RHETORIC (9 - 12)

The culmination of the process of learning brings knowledge and understanding together to be expressed wisely and persuasively.

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Meet The Faculty

At Veritas Collegiate Academy, we enjoy a diverse faculty, many of whom have advanced degrees in their field of study and many years of educational experience. Most importantily, every member of the Veritas faculty professes their faith in Jesus Christ and desires to care for our students both academically and spiritually.


Veritas Students Attend Elite Colleges!

View the list of acceptances for 2024 Veritas students.